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Elle Varner Kills An Impromptu Open-Mic Performance

Elle Varner gave fans a true taste of her chops during an impromptu open-mic performance at Toshi’s Living Room in New York City. The surprise set for Nema’s Boom Boom Room – a performance series for up and coming artists to showcase their talents to the industry – occurred after Varner was spotted and pulled out of the crowd. Ever-gracious, Elle Varner offered a song after being supplied with an acoustic guitar. She prefaced the performance with news that she is working on a new album, before performing a tune called “Number 1 Song.” The band even jumped in to back Elle toward the end of the song. Check the footage below to watch Elle Varner’s acoustic open-mic performance captured by TrueExclusives. Look out for more from Elle Varner and her forthcoming LP.


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